MDes Applicants from People's Republic of China

Residents of the People’s Republic of China who may benefit from the assistance of an educational agent are encouraged to contact NSCAD's exclusive agent for the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Design and the Master of Design - Can-Zhong International Education Consulting Services Ltd. Contact them directly for application deadlines and procedures.


Can-Zhong International Education Consulting Services Ltd.

Shanghai Office (or partner agency)
Rm. 1606, 16th Floor
Jingde Building No. 319 Changde Road
Shanghai, China
tel: 021 6218 6078 or 021 6218 4612


Vancouver Office
2362 Oliver Crescent
Vancouver, BC, V6L 1S5
tel: (604) 742 2360
fax: (604) 742 2361
email: or



Permit to Study


International students should realize that they must meet specific obligations in regard to their presence in Canada.


If their period of study will be longer than four months, students must obtain a Permit to Study in Canada, which is issued through the Canadian Consulate in the student’s home country. An International Student must present a copy of this permit to study to the Office of Student and Academic Services before they begin classes at the university.


In order to obtain a permit to study, a student must submit the following items to the nearest Canadian Consulate:


  • A passport, birth certificate, or other identification that identifies you as a citizen of your native country.
  • The original letter of acceptance from the university.
  • Satisfactory evidence of sufficient funds for the period of study in Canada. This proof may be a notarized statement of parents’ willingness to financially support the student's stay in Canada along with a notarized bank statement certifying their resources, a statement of a Federally or State Guaranteed loan, or any other documentation that proves sufficient funds to finance the period of study in Canada. Some countries may not allow an individual to take sufficient funds out of the country for her/his maintenance in Canada. A student from one of these countries must find a sponsor before being issued a student permit. The university does not sponsor students, and does not maintain a list of sponsors.


Students from countries other than the United States may be requested to submit additional items (e.g. health examination, photographs, evidence of English proficiency) in order to obtain a student permit. It is recommended that such students contact the nearest Canadian Consulate when they begin their admissions process to ascertain these requirements. A copy of the permit to study must be presented to the Office and Student and Academic Services before a student will be permitted to attend classes.



Other Required Documentation

For detailed information on student authorizations (permit to study) and other documentation required by individuals to enter Canada to study, prospective students should consult the Canadian government website at


Students who may be younger than 19 years old when entering Canada to study should consult their local consulate regarding the documentation necessary to establish legal guardianship while in Canada until such time as they reach the age of 19 years old. The university cannot act as a legal guardian for a student.



Enrolment at NSCAD University


Additional information in regard to international student enrolment is provided as a regular part of the admissions and registration processes.


Non-Canadian students should note that the university is required to charge a differential tuition fee for all International students.


Should international students encounter problems with immigration once they are in Canada, they should contact the Office of Student and Academic Services immediately.



Health Insurance for International Students

All International students, with the exception of exchange students who must show evidence of coverage from their home school or country, are required to purchase health insurance in Canada to be considered to have adequate coverage for Canadian medical services.

NSCAD will send students information on this program, which they are required to purchase in order to register at NSCAD. No exemptions will be considered.