Non-Degree students can choose to audit courses while not receiving academic credit, or enrol in courses to receive academic credit. Both options are outlined below.

Policy on Auditing Undergraduate Courses:

To audit a course is to attend classes without receiving academic credit. Undergraduate students (including non-degree and visiting students) may audit Liberal Arts and Science (LAS) and/or studio courses provided the required permissions have been granted and the appropriate fees have been paid.

In order to obtain permission to audit a course, undergraduate students obtain approval by email from the instructor at or before the first class. Because our processes have changed due to Covid-19, please email in order to arrange for these permissions to be granted.

Audit students are not required to complete course assignments or take examinations and do not receive an evaluation, critiques, or a grade. Audit students may, with the approval of the instructor, participate in class discussions and work. Not all courses may be audited. Audit courses do not count towards full-time status, graduation requirements, or eligibility for any financial aid.

An audited course will be recorded on the student's academic transcript. An audited course may not subsequently be claimed for credit. Students registered in a course for academic credit may not subsequently request a change to audit status. Students auditing courses will be charged 50% of the regular course tuition fees (no auxiliary fees). This tuition fee does not include access to other university resources or services. Students must pay their material fees and other expenses. Course withdrawal procedures and deadlines are the same as for regular credit courses.

To view and register for courses that do not require permission to audit, contact the School of Extended Studies. To audit a course that does require permission, please follow the application process for Non-Degree students found below.


Non-Degree Students:

A Non-Degree student is an individual who has been given permission to take a course or courses for credit, but has not been admitted to a degree program of NSCAD. To qualify to become a non-degree student, a person must have successfully completed high school or its equivalent, or qualify for mature student status. Non-Degree students are evaluated by the same standards used for degree students and are subject to the same academic regulations as degree students. A Non-Degree student may take up to 30 credits at NSCAD.


Non-Degree Students should apply for admission several weeks prior to being permitted to register, as all applications must be reviewed and this may take some time.


There is no application deadline for Non-Degree applications, however registration periods will determine when a Non-degree student is permitted to register for courses. For registration dates, please refer to the academic calendar of dates.


If approved as a Non-Degree student, applicants must pay a $100 tuition deposit each semester before they will be allowed to register for classes.


Courses for which Non-Degree students do not need to seek permission:


AHIS: all classes unless a signature is required as prerequisite
CULT: all classes unless a signature is required as prerequisite

ARTS 1000 Fundamentals of Wood and Metal

FILM 1000 Moving Image
PHOT 1000 Photo

FNDN 1200 Introduction to Visual Culture
FNDN 1800 Writing for the Arts

DSGN 1000 Digital Tools for Designing
DSGN 2xxx level classes

PRTM 2213 Intro Book Arts (NOTE: This course rarely has space available.)
CRFT 2245 Tactile Notebooks and the Written Word
PRTM 2211 Letterpress Print
JWLY 2000 Intro Jewellery
JWLY 2100 Intro Holloware
TEXL 2000 Intro Weaving
TEXL 2200 Intro Screenprinting
TEXL 2100 Intro Resist Dye




APPLY.NSCAD.CA is your guide through the application process. It’s where we’ll answer all of your questions and help you prepare to apply.


You will need to pay a $70 Canadian non-refundable application fee. The application fee may be paid during the online application process. 


Request transcripts of your records at all secondary and post-secondary institutions previously attended. All transcripts must be official and sent to the Office of Admissions by email directly from the issuing institution.


You must obtain written permission, where required, for the courses you wish to take at NSCAD. Not all courses require a signature, see the list above.

This written permission will come from either the instructor of the course or the Chair of the Division under which your class is offered. You can also see courses offered in Summer semester Term B here.


In order to change from Non-Degree to Degree status, a student must apply for formal admission to NSCAD through the regular application process. Non-degree students must first apply for admission. They should contact to coordinate the appropriate documents and forms. They will be assigned spaces alongside degree student requests on a first-come-first-served basis, space permitting.