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Program Name: Visual Arts Certificate in Studio, Film
Degree: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Division: Fine Arts
Media Arts
Program Description

For those who have a Visual Arts Degree such as a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Design and wish to study a new studio discipline they haven't studied before or expand their knowledge of a practice they may have only briefly touched on in the past.

The Visual Arts Certificate in Studio: Film is like adding a Film Minor to your existing education. You will further your exploration of visual art processes through concentrated study this discipline in which no more than 12 credits were earned during your prior degree work.

Certificate participants tailor their study to meet their individual interests through a wide selection of studio and theoretical credit courses designed for NSCAD degree programs. Certificate students participate in the same credit courses with the same faculty as degree students.

Program Requirements:

General Requirements and Study Sections

Students are expected to meet course prerequisites and maintain a grade average of “B” or better.

Students may take up to five years from the initial date of enrolment to complete the certificate. Independent study courses, internships and World Travel courses are not eligible for this program. FNDN 1800 Writing for the Arts is also not eligible as participants are expected to have completed the course or an equivalent course during undergraduate study.

Individuals with a visual arts degree (BFA or equivalent) are required to complete 30 credits as follows:

Studio (S): 24 Studio Credits must be selected from Film (in which no more than twelve credits were earned during degree work). At least nine studio credits must be at the 3000 level or above.
Electives: 6 Elective Credits must be selected. These courses may be studio (S) or liberal arts and social sciences (LAS) from any discipline and have no level restrictions, provided prerequisites have been met.

Facilities and Technology:

The Film program’s facilities are located in the historic Academy campus and include a 3,000 square foot sound stage, 16-mm film equipment, high-end digital video cameras, editing and sound suites, professional lighting and grip equipment, and a Cineflux screening auditorium.