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Program Name: Visual Arts Certificate in Studio, General Practice
Degree: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Division: Foundation
Program Description

Approved by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) and NSCAD's Academic Council, the Visual Arts Certificate in Studio: General Practice provides individuals that have a Degree not in visual arts the opportunity to develop observational and other critical visual arts skills. They will also gain a better understanding of visual arts theory and practice.


Program Requirements:

General Requirements and Study Sections
Certificate participants tailor their study to meet their individual interests through a wide selection of studio and theoretical credit courses designed for NSCAD degree programs. Certificate students participate in the same credit courses with the same faculty as degree students.

For the purposes of the certificate program, courses and requirements have been grouped into three sections of study:

  1. Studio (S);
  2. Liberal Arts and Social Science (LAS); and
  3. Electives (Studio or LAS).

Students are expected to meet course prerequisites and maintain a grade average of “B” or better.

Students may take up to five years from the initial date of enrolment to complete the certificate. Independent study courses, internships and World Travel courses are not eligible for this program. FNDN 1800 Writing for the Arts is also not eligible as participants are expected to have completed the course or an equivalent course during undergraduate study.

Individuals with an undergraduate degree other than in the visual arts are required to complete 30 credits as follows:

Studio (S):
15 Studio Credits at the Foundation level (FNDN) must be selected as follows:

  • FNDN 1010 Introduction to Studio Practice (3 credits)**
  • FNDN 1100 Foundation Drawing 1 (3 credits)**
  • 9 additional Foundation Studio Credits

**Required unless their equivalents were completed under a previous program. For individuals admitted to the program and who have no formal art training, a non-credit introductory drawing course or equivalent is required prior to enrolling in FNDN 1100
Foundation Drawing 1.

Liberal Arts (LAS):
6 Liberal Arts Credits must be selected. Students must select these credits (two courses) from a choice of three courses***:

  • AHIS 2010 Survey of Nineteenth Century Art
  • AHIS 2020 Survey of Twentieth Century Art
  • AHIS 2120 Craft and Design History 1750-1950

***Required unless an equivalent course was completed under a previous program. If one of the required courses was completed under a different program, then students may select a LAS course of choice, provided the pre-requisite requirements are met.

Open Electives:
9 Elective Credits must be selected. These courses may be any studio (S) or liberal arts (LAS) course; provided prerequisites have been met. In some cases, the instructor’s written permission will be required.


Credit Transfers
Credits earned at other institutions are not transferable to the certificate program but may be considered to meet prerequisite requirements. Up to twelve credits earned at NSCAD University may be considered for transfer to the certificate program, provided the credit was not applied to an earned degree at NSCAD or any other institution. Transfer credits must meet certificate program requirements and must be a grade of “B” or better.
If a certificate candidate applies and is accepted to a NSCAD University degree program prior to completion of the certificate program, s/he must formally withdraw from the certificate program. Credits earned in the certificate program may be considered for transfer to NSCAD’s degree program, provided the transfer conforms to the established transfer credit policies and program requirements.