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Program Name: Bachelor of Arts, Major in Art History
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Division: Art History and Contemporary Culture
Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts, Major in Art History is offered through the Division of Art History and Contemporary Culture. It provides students with opportunities to explore the history, theory, and critical analysis of art, craft, film, design and architecture. Enhanced by its setting within an art school, the major in Art History program enables students to take studio courses while concentrating on the critical discourse surrounding the social production and reception of art. The program emphasizes Western and North-American Indigenous art, craft, design, film and architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries, but also examines art of earlier time periods and provides some opportunities to look at art globally.

Program Requirements:

A total of 120 credits is required for the degree including:

FOUNDATION YEAR (30 credits):
24 Studio; 6 LAS

6 Credits Art History 2000 Level:
(3) AHIS 2010  Survey of 19th Century Art
(3) AHIS 2020 Survey of 20th Century Art

3 Credits Ancient Art chosen from:
(3) AHIS 2500 Ancient Art
(3) AHIS 3103/3104/3107/3452/xxxx

3 Credits Medieval Art chosen from:
(3) AHIS 2600 Medieval Art
(3) AHIS xxxx

AHIS 2701/2702/2703 Renaissance/Baroque Art (3 credits)

3 Credits Canadian Art chosen from:
(3) AHIS 3050 Candaian Art to 1950
(3) AHIS 3550 Topics in Modern Canadian Art: (topic)

AHIS 2505/3460/4116/4119 Indigenous Art (3 credits)

AHIS 3600 Introduction to Art Theory & Criticism (3 credits)

18 credits Art/Film History:
(3) AHIS/FHIS 2xxx or above
(3) AHIS/FHIS 3xxx or above
(3) AHIS/FHIS 3xxx or above
(3) AHIS/FHIS 3xxx or above
(3) AHIS/FHIS 4xxx or above
(3) AHIS/FHIS 4xxx or above
(Excluding AHIS 4200 Independant Study, AHIS 4600 Research Internship, AHIS 4700 Independant Study)

ENGL xxxx (3 credits)

15 LAS Credits

6 2000 Level Studio Credits

24 Open Credits

Available Minors:

Ceramics, Drawing, Fashion, Film Studies (in cooperation with Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and University of King's College), Illustration, Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing, Print/Paper/Book, Textiles, Journalism (in cooperation with University of King's College)


Art History and Critical Studies Faculty Information

What do Graduates do?

Graduates of NSCAD’s Major in Art History programs go on to become gallery and museum administrators, art critics, teachers, professors, curators, archivists and art appraisers. The major is designed to provide students with the necessary credits to enrol in graduate and professional programs in these fields.

Admission from High School: Applicants who have completed, or expect to complete high school by year-end, but have not attended a post-secondary institution or university must have an overall average of 70% in high school with 70% in English 12 or equivalent university preparatory English.
Admission from University or College: Applicants who have successfully completed course work at least equivalent to that of the University’s Foundation Program at another post secondary institution should apply under this category. An applicant who is currently completing the first year of a visual arts program should apply for Foundation Transfer. The Admissions Committee will determine if advanced standing is appropriate. Applicants to the Major in Art History (non-studio) should apply for Advanced Standing and do not need to submit a portfolio.