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Program Name: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Interdisciplinary Arts
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Division: Art History and Contemporary Culture
Fine Arts
Media Arts
Program Description

An Interdisciplinary Arts major allows you to explore a diverse range of visual arts interests from an interdisciplinary approach during studio classes such as Language into Art, Idea and Process, and Media Landscapes. Students establish competencies in three distinct areas of study and synthesize them in their capstone year, which includes opportunities for independant study and internship placements.

Program Requirements:
(30) 24 Studio; 6 LAS
15 Art History Credits:
(3) AHIS 2010 Survey of 19th C Art
(3) AHIS 2020 Survey of 20th C Art
(3) AHIS xxxx
(3) AHIS 3xxx/4xxx
(3) AHIS 3xxx/4xxx
9 Liberal  Arts Credits
15 2000 Level Studio Credits in three disciplines

6 Studio Credits chosen from:
(6) MDIA 3230 Interdisciplinary: Ideas & Process
(6) MDIA 3240 Interdisciplinary: Language into Art
(6) MDIA 3250 Interdisciplinary: Media Landscapes

9 3000 Level Studio Credits (not design courses)

9 3500 Level Studio Credits (not design courses) OR 9 Credits Independant Studies or Internship

6 4000 Level Studio Credits (not design courses)

21 Open Credits



Available Minors:

Art History, Film Studies (in cooperation with Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and University of King's College), Illustration, Print/Paper/Book

What do Graduates do?

Graduates of NSCAD's Interdisciplinary program become successful studio artists and craftspeople, gallery and museum administrators, designers, illustrators, community educators, and arts writers. Many go on to study at the graduate level and become critics, curators, architects, museum and gallery archivists, and college/university professors.

Admission from High School: Applicants who have completed, or expect to complete high school by year-end but have not attended a post-secondary institution or university should apply to the Foundation Program.
Admission from University or College: Applicants who have successfully completed course work at least equivalent to that of the University’s Foundation Program at another post secondary institution should apply under this category. An applicant who is currently completing the first year of a visual arts program should apply for Foundation Transfer. The Admissions Committee will determine if advanced standing is appropriate. All Students who complete the Foundation Requirement in good standing are eligible for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary) program.