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Program Name: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Photography
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Division: Foundation
Media Arts
Program Description

The Photography program enables students to examine the technical, historical, and theoretical issues related to contemporary photography. While gaining expertise in conventional, digital, and hybrid methods of image making, students will develop their own artistic practice and gain a critical understanding of the aesthetic and social discourses within photography.

Program Requirements:

After successfully completing the first two years of study, including completion of specified required course work with no grade lower than 'C-', students may declare their intention to Major in Photography.

(24) Studio; (6) LAS including:
(3) FNDN 1310 Foundation Photography

15 Art History Credits:
(3) AHIS 2020 20th C Art
(3) AHIS xxxx
(3) AHIS xxxx
(3) AHIS 3200 History of Photography
(3) AHIS 3xxx/4xxx

6 Liberal Arts Credits

          PHOT 2001 Introductory Photography      

          6 Studio Credits chosen from:

         (3) PHOT 2500 Lighting Workshop
         (3) PHOT 2550 Black and White Photography
         (3) PHOT 2660 Reconfigured Image
         (3) PHOT 2750 Large Format Photography

         PHOT/FILM/MDIA xxxx (3 credits)

         12 3000 Level Studio Credits (in Photography)

         PHOT 36xx (Seminar) (3 credits)

         9 Studio Credits (any level)

         24 OPEN Credits

Available Minors:

Art History, Ceramics, Drawing, Fashion, Film Studies (in cooperation with Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and University of King's College), Illustration, Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing, Print/Paper/Book, Textiles, Journalism (in cooperation with University of King's College)


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What do Graduates do?

Graduates of NSCAD’s Photography program are successful artists, commercial photographers, writers, and arts administrators. Many of our graduates have pursued graduate studies and have become curators, critics, art historians, and college/university professors.