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Program Name: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Textiles/Fashion
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Division: Craft
Program Description

The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Textiles/Fashion program offers students the opportunity to explore the diverse field of textiles and fashion, which encompasses art, science, and technology. The Program integrates three key areas of research: structure, surface and form. This unique approach to textiles education balances conceptual concerns with the technical and design skills required to understand the textile traditions of weaving, dye and print and garment making. Students will examine the relationships between materials, processes, and the maker, as well as the critical role that textiles and fashion have played in world cultures. With
a focus on sustainable and organic materials and techniques, the program maintains handcraft values and incorporates appropriate 
digital methodologies.

Program Requirements:

Students who are in good standing may declare their intention to major in textiles, upon completing the following required courses:

(30) 24 Studio; 6 LAS

15 Art History Credits:
(3) AHIS 2010 19th C Art OR AHIS 2020 20th C Art
(3) AHIS 22120 Craft & Design History 1750-1950
(3) AHIS xxxx
(3) AHIS 3160 20th C Craft
(3) AHIS 3xxx/4xxx

6 Liberal Arts Credits (TEXL 3320 Fabric Laboratory is recommended but not required)

12 Studio Credits chosen from: (select at least one course from each stream(A, B, C))

A (3) TEXL 2000 Introduction to Weaving
A (3) TEXL 2010 Off-Loom Structures
B (3) TEXL 2100 Introduction to Resist Dyeing
B (3) TEXL 2200 Introduction to Screenprinting
C (3) TEXL 2500 Fashion: Construction
C (3) TEXL 2550 Pattern Development: Fashion

            3 Studio Credits chosen from:
            (3) TEXL 2150: Repeating Patterns
            (3) TEXL 2300: Fibre, Fabric, Fashion
            (3) TEXL 2450: Developmental Drawing for Fashion

            3 Studio Credits chosen from:
            (3) DSGN 2015 Product Design: Form
            (3) TEXL 3010 Illustration for Fashion
            (3) TEXL 3206 Textiles for the Marketplace
            (3) TEXL 3350 Intermediate Fiber, Fabric, Fashion

            12 Studio Credits chosen from:
            (6) TEXL 3000 Intermediate Weaving
            (6) TEXL 3100 Intermediate Dyeing & Printing
            (6) TEXL 3410 Intermediate Fashion Studies

           12 Studio Credits chosen from:
             (6/9) TEXL 4006 OR TEXL 4009 Studio Projects 2
             (6) TEXL 4020 Advanced Fashion Studies
             (6/9) TEXL 4506 OR 4509 Studio Projects 3

             3 LAS Credits chosen from:
             (3) ARTS 3110 Entrepreneurship for Visual Arts
             (3) ARTS 4210 Professional Practice

             24 OPEN Credits

Available Minors:

Art History, Ceramics, Drawing,Film Studies (in cooperation with Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and University of King's College), Illustration, Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing, Print/Paper/Book, Textiles, Journalism (in cooperation with University of King's College)

Facilities and Technology:

NSCAD's Textiles and Fashion facilities are comprised of fully equipped weaving, dye and print, and fashion studios. The studios are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to current Textiles/Fashion students. The studios boast a comprehensive range of traditional, analogue and cutting edge equipment to support diverse modes of making across all areas of textile and fashion production. 



Craft Faculty Information

What do Graduates do?

Admission from University or College: The Major in Textiles/Fashion is an open entry program. After successfully competing the first two years of study, students may declare their intention to major in textiles/fashion. To declare a major, students must submit a declaration form, which is available from the Office of Student and Academic Services.