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Program Name: Foundation (no previous studies at post-secondary level)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Division: Foundation
Program Description

 NSCAD requires that all degree students complete two semesters of Foundation studies, which are designed to introduce the practices, principles, approaches, and issues of art, craft, and design. The Foundation year consists of two semesters of course work totaling 30 credits. This includes 15 credits of required courses (nine credits of studio courses and six credits of LAS courses), and 15 credits of selected studio
courses (six credits of fundamentals and nine credits of studio practice).

Program Requirements:

15 credits of required courses must include:

  • 9 credits of Studio Courses
    • Introduction to Studio Practice  
      (FNDN 1010) 3 credits
    • Foundation Drawing 1  
      (FNDN 1100) 3 credits
    • Foundation Drawing 2  
      (FNDN 1600) 3 credits
  • 6 credits of LAS Courses (Liberal Arts)
    • Introduction to Visual Culture 
      (FNDN 1200) 3 credits
    • Writing for the Arts 
      (FNDN 1800) 3 credits

The LAS courses may be taken in either order. Students who expect to have Writing for the Arts requirement waived through transfer of the Writing Requirement will be expected to complete Intro to Visual Culture during their first semester in the Foundation Program, but they can proceed on to an art history course or other liberal arts course during their second semester first or second semester.

15 credits of selected Studio courses are chosen from the following categories:

Three courses (9 credits) of Studio Practice selected from the following:
(3) FNDN 1410: Studio Prac. Film
(3) FNDN 1430: Studio Prac. Modelled Forms 
(3) FNDN 1440: Studio Prac. Constructed Forms
(3) FNDN 1450: Studio Prac. Design
(3) FNDN 1460: Studio Prac. Paint/Print 
(3) FNDN 1470: Studio Prac. Radical Forms
(3) FNDN 148x: Foundation Summer Workshop 

Two courses (6 credits) of fundamentals are selected from the following five courses:
(3) FNDN 1310: Foundation Photography 
(3) FNDN 1330: Foundation Video 
(3) FNDN 1340: Foundation Wood/Metal 
(3) FNDN 1350: Foundation Computer 
(3) FNDN 1360: Foundation Movement Art 


Students who wish to pursue Design in their upper years may also opt to take DSGN 1500: Studio Practice: Design Fundamentals (6 credits) to cover 6 credits of FNDN 14XX.