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Program Name: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Expanded Media
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Division: Foundation
Media Arts
Program Description

The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Expanded Media program offeres students the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary practices, collaboration and research, and conceptual and social issues in a range of media arts, including film, video, installation, performance, audio art, digital media, electronics, animation and photography. Hybrid approaches to media arts will enable students to draw on their individual skills, whetether they extend across fine art, design, craft or critical studies. With a studio focus, the program is driven by curiosity, exploration, interdisciplinarity, and conceptual development. 

In addition to their chosen area of study, students will have the opportunity to take Interdiscipinary Fine and Media Arts courses that explore a diverse range of visual arts concerns from an interdisciplinary approach. At the senior level, these coureses also provide you with opportunities for internship placement in galleries, museums, and artist run centres. 

Program Requirements:


24 Studio; 6 LAS
Including two of the following:
      FNDN 1310 Foundation Photography
      FNDN 1335 Foundation Moving Image
      FNDN 1350 Foundation Computer

15 Art History Credits:
(3) AHIS 2020 SUrvey of 20th C Art
(3) AHIS xxxx
(3) AHIS xxxx
(3) AHIS 3xxx/4xxx
(3) AHIS 3xxx/4xxx

6 Liberal Arts Credits

MDIA 2701 Media Toolbox (3 credits)

9 Studio Credits chosen from:
(3) FILM 2501 Introductory Filmmaking
(3) PHOT 2001 Introductory Photography
(6) DRAW 2000 Introductory Studio in Drawing
(6) PNTG 2000 Introductory Painting
(6) SCLP 2000 Introductory Sculpture
(3) PRTM 2xxx

3 2000 Level Studio Credits (in Film, Media, or Photography)

MDIA 3220 Digital Projects & Electronic Culture (6 credits)

6 Studio Credits chosen from:
(6) MDIA 3230 Intermedia: Idea & Process
(6) MDIA 3240 Intermedia: Language into Art
(6) MDIA 3250 Intermedia: Media Landscape

6 3000 Level Studio Credits (in Film, Media, or Photography)

MDIA 305x Media Seminar (LAS) (3 credits)

MDIA 4100 Advanced Studio in Intermedia (9 credits)

24 Open Credits


Available Minors:

Art History, Ceramics, Drawing, Fashion, Film Studies (in cooperation with Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and University of King's College), Illustration, Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing, Print/Paper/Book, Textiles, Journalism (in cooperation with University of King's College)

Facilities and Technology:


Media Arts Faculty Information

What does the faculty say about the Expanded Media program?

"The Major allows for students to investigate creative works informed by interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary art practices adn while also investigating Avant Garde traditions in new and emerging technologies. The program places students in parallel with film and photography streams while also allowing them to explore video, sound, installation, net art, performance, virtual reality, creative electronics, physical computing, animation, printed matter, and modes of contemporary art that are hard to categorize. The program prepares students to participate in the contemporary art world and also provides experiences that can be applied to creative work in technology and other work that requires an understanding of how digital culture works and evolves." - David Clark

What do Graduates do?

Graduates of NSCAD's Expanded Media program are successful studio artists workin in the areas of film, video, electronics and robotics, sound, and installation. Others establish careers as gallery administrators, community educators, and arts writers. Many pursue graduate studies and become critics, curators, and college/univerisity professors. 

Admission from High School: Applicants who have completed, or expect to complete high school by year-end but have not attended a post-secondary institution or university should apply to the Foundation Program.
Admission from University or College: The Major in Expanded Media program is an open entry program. After successfully completing the first two years of study, students may declare their intention to major in Expanded Media.