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Program Name: Non Degree
Degree: Non Degree
Division: Art History and Contemporary Culture
Fine Arts
Program Description

A non-degree Student is an individual who has been given permission to take a course or courses for credit, but has not been admitted to a degree program at NSCAD. Up to 30 credits may be completed as a non-degree student. If the student later applies and is accepted to a NSCAD degree program, the non-degree credits earned will be applied to the degree requirements. Non-degree credits may also be transferrable to other university's degree programs as well.

To qualify to become a non-degree student, a person must have successfully completed high school or its equivalent, or qualify for mature student status. Non-degree students will be permitted to register at NSCAD only after they have submitted the following documents:

  • an application form
  • documentation of previous academic study
  • any other required documentation as may be necessary to support eligibility to register

While no portfolio is required to qualify as a non-degree student, permission to enrol in individual courses may require your presentation of a portfolio or examples of work to the individual instructor or chair of the division.
A non-degree student may take a course after the prerequisite has been met. With the exception of Foundation (FNDN) drawing and studio classes where the Division Chair gives permission, a non-degree student may take a course without the prerequisite but only with the written permission of the instructor via the appropriate registration form. An instructor’s waiver of a prerequisite does not guarantee waiver of any academic course, should a non-degree student later be granted admission to NSCAD.

Taking courses as a non-degree student does not guarantee admission to the degree programs of NSCAD, nor does it exempt students from meeting the program requirements in place. Non-degree students are evaluated by the same standards used for degree students.