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Program Name: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Ceramics
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Division: Craft
Program Description

The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Ceramics program is designed to give you an understanding of vessel, sculptural, and architectural ceramics. As you explore these elements of ceramics, you will examine the relationships between design, materials, colour, process, and techniques. An awareness of historical and contemporary issues in ceramics and the relationship between ceramics and other disciplines (such as fine art, design, and architecture) will enable you to develop an informed perspective on your work.

Program Requirements:

The Major in Ceramics program is an Open entry program. After successfully completing the first two years of study, students may declare their intention to Major in Ceramics.

(30) 24 Studio; 6 LAS

12 Credits AHIS:
(3) AHIS 2010 19th C Art OR AHIS 2020 20th C Art
(3) AHIS 2120 Craft & Design History 1750-1950
(3) AHIS xxxx
(3) AHIS 3xxx/4xxx

3 Credits AHIS chosen from:
(3) AHIS 3100 Craft History: (topic)
(3) AHIS 3150 Issues in Design History
(3) AHIS 3160 20th C Craft
(3) AHIS 3180 Narrative and Craft
(3) AHIS 4120 Philosophy of the Arts & Crafts Movement

3 Credits CERM 2610 Ceramic Technology

3 Credits LAS

6 Studio Credits chosen from:
(3) CERM 2001 Introductory Ceramics
(3) CERM 2003 Intro to Ceramics for Design
(3) CERM 2110 Introductory Throwing

6 Studio Credits chosen from:
(3) CERM 3101 Intermediate Handbuilding
(3) CERM 3103 Interm. Moldmaking & Digital Fabrication
(3) CERM 3110 Intermediate Throwing

15 Studio Credits chosen from:
(3) CERM 3510 Image Making
(3) CERM 3511 Digital Fabrication Process
(3) CERM 3512 Architecture & Ceramics
(3) CERM 3513 Art of the Table
(3) CERM 3514 Installatoin & Ceramics
(3) CERM 3515 Figurative Ceramics
(3) CERM 3516 Iterations

12 Studio Credits:
(6/9) CERM 4106/4109 Studio Project 1: Ceramics
(6/9) CERM 4206/4209 Studio Project 2: Ceramics

3 Drawing Credits:
(3) DRAW 2xxx

3 LAS Credits chosen from:
(3) ARTS 3110 Entrepreneurship for Visual Arts
(3) ARTS 4210 Professional Practice

24 Open Credits

Available Minors:

Art History, Drawing, Fashion, Film Studies (in cooperation with Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and University of King's College), Illustration, Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing, Print/Paper/Book, Textiles, Journalism (in cooperation with University of King's College)

Facilities and Technology:

The Ceramics program has one of the best facilities in North America. Located in the beautiful Port Campus, students have access to five high efficiency custom Blaauw kilns, an assortment of potters’ wheels from various manufacturers, ConeArt electric kilns with Bartlett computer controls, a 54-ton Ram press with various steel dye frames, a fully equipped glaze kitchen and lab, and much more.


Craft Faculty Information

What do Graduates do?

NSCAD ceramics graduates have established successful international practices that contribute to the profile of Canadian ceramics. Our graduates are writers, critics, curators, arts admininstrators in galleries and museums, and designers for industry. Many go on to study in prestigious graduate programs and teach in colleges/universities across North America.

Admission from High School: Applicants who have completed, or expect to complete high school by year-end, but have not attended a post-secondary institution or university must have an overall average of 70% in high school with 70% in English 12 or equivalent university preparatory English.
Admission from University or College: The Major in Ceramics program is an open entry program. After successfully competing the first two years of study, students may declare their intention to major in ceramics.